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TESS: 8/24/12

Hello ladies,

‘Son, if the mountain was smooth, you couldn’t climb it.’ 
Remember this from last Christmas?

Always a good inspiration.

I am so proud of this group – even though last night was another nasty bump, our tools for communication and our collective understanding of where we are on this journey is so much greater than it was earlier this year. We’ve come very far already.

Successes from last night: the rhythm for Sehia:rak, the final chord of Kasar and its fall, pulsating 32nd notes and knowing that we’ve finally begun work on Past Life, Ginger and Cara holding their own so well for the SI’s, Jenny’s fifteen seconds, Riley’s new mp3 toy for recording rehearsals, everyone except one being there (I suppose she had a good excuse …), our insta-convo about where we are and why and what to do about it, and the fact that some of the ladies knew who Mr. Jangles is.

I’m sorry for losing my cool when Lara et al were asking about all the various articulations. I think it comes down to this – when the notes are falling apart, I’m not interested in the choir pointing out other details, and though we need to keep the big picture in mind, last night felt more like a distraction from the real issue. The mega map puts the notes in the choir’s responsibility. If the pitches are learned ahead of time, then we can dive into everything else, and I’ll be much more open to everyone’s thoughts. Those are the best rehearsals.

For Thursday:

August 30th
Kasar – memorize pages 8 through 10, review all
Sehia:rak III – memorize all
Sehia:rak II – review all
Sehia:rak IV – prep all
Peace: memorize m. 93 through 113
Panta Rhei – prep m. 65 through 72, memorize m. 17 through 28
Past Life – prep page 1

Work leftover from last week:
Kasar – memorize pages 5 through 7
Peace – memorize m. 63 through 92
Panta Rhei – prep m. 49 through 64, memorize m. 1 through 16

Thanks all,

Also, so people remember where we are – keep in mind that East West will be the same program as Phoenix with these additions:
All of Sehia:rak with Rachel’s speaking

We have 8/30, 9/6, and 9/13 to make that happen – three rehearsals. Also, because of various reasons, we’re ending up asking a $12 donation for tickets for this performance – that ups our own expectations of what we put forth.

September 15th – East West performance
Intro (Tess) 1:30
Oy Es Dia 2:30
During the Eclipse (Rachel)1:25
Tres Cantos 3:30
Prophecy of the Volcanoes (Didi) 1:00
Kasar 5:30
Warriors of the Rainbow (Jeremiah) :30
Indian Singing w/ Rachel 10:00
Hopi Prophecy (Jenny) 2:00
Great Spirit 5:30
Signs of Thaw (Riley) 1:15
Nukapianguaq 4:10
Yugas (Tess) 1:00
Jai Bhavani 5:00
Peace 4:30
Thank audience (Tess) :30
No Time 5:00

45:40 music, 9:10 speaking – open for Q&A afterwards
Total: 54:50



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