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TESS: 9/3/12

Hello ladies,

Sorry this is a bit late – it was a huge weekend getting Mas moved in :)

Our main priorities are getting Kasar, Peace and Sehia:rak ready for East West on the 15th. As a result, we have some back work piling up for Panta and Past Life. We’ll catch up with those as we can, especially at the all day rehearsal on the 29th. Please continue to work on them so we don’t have to start at square one.

Also – please let people know about our East West concert! We want to have a good experience with a good crowd.

For Thursday:

September 6th
Kasar – memorize all – like I said at last week’s rehearsal, if it’s only 50% memorized, we can work with that. If people still don’t know the notes though, that’s a big problem.
Sehia:rak II – memorize all
Sehia:rak IV – review all
Peace – memorize all
Panta Rhei – prep m. 73 through 88, memorize m. 29 through 44
Past Life – prep page 2

Work leftover from last week:
Past Life – prep page 1
Panta Rhei – prep m. 49 through 72, memorize m. 1 through 28

Thanks much,


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