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ANCORA UPDATE: 9/12/12 (2013 Plans)

Good evening, everyone!

We had a great meeting last night and are excited to share what’s in the works for “life after the Apocalypse”! We are looking for your input, feedback, and availability on some of the items. This is a long email, but please read on and respond!

Thursday, December 6th, Holiday luncheon at the Rainier Club in Seattle
We have been invited to sing at “The Ladies’ Luncheon” at the Rainier Club in Seattle. I know this sounds insane since we’ll just have finished our big Apocalypse concerts, but this is both a (small) fundraiser and a HUGE opportunity to share our amazing voices with an elite crowd. They are looking for a small ensemble to sing 20-30 minutes of holiday music during their luncheon which goes from 11:30-1:30. Several of you have already indicated you’re willing and can be available on that day, but we need to hear from all of you so Tess can figure out the music, which will need to be pieces we essentially already know (e.g. Personent, We Wish You…, etc.). The plan then is to spend one or two evenings the week of the 6th (I know, after the Apocalypse concert!) and possibly the morning of (similar to what you did for Shelley’s wedding) preparing. Please email me to let me know if you are available to sing at this event, even if you already told me in person! But then….we get a much needed celebratory break! :)



January 24th-27th Recording of Apocalypse
Please mark your calendars! The board is working to arrange an affordable recording of select pieces from our Apocalypse concert. Tess had commented, “I want us to consider what a magnificent contribution Apocalypse can be for the greater choral community,” and the board agrees! We believe the future benefits make it a valuable project to take on. We have already had a significant donation made toward the project and a fundraising campaign is in the works (you’ll be hearing more from Riley about our Kickstarter campaign this fall!). The recording will happen at a local, Seattle church, and most likely take place over Thursday evening, Friday evening, all day Saturday and perhaps Sunday afternoon (depending on the availability of the church). Our initial goal is just to get it recorded…specifics about whether it’s made into actual CDs, available online, release dates, etc. will be worked out at a later time.

Prepare for the April concert (see below!)

Prepare for the April concert (see below!)

An event is also in the works for an Alum-SGC workshop and concert sometime during March. The concert will be a cabaret style event at which we have offered to sing several pieces from our repertoire. This is an OPTIONAL event, but we would like Ancora to have a presence in order to maintain and honor our history with SGC and the choir’s 30th year anniversary. More information will be coming from the event’s planning committee, including workshop and socializing opportunities.


Ancora’s spring concert and fundraiser! Our idea is to hold a SIMPLE concert at a venue where we can have our guests sitting at tables, hold a dessert auction, and do a short performance. We will have February, March, and part of April to prepare for this event and we’re hoping it will be light, fun, and social as well as a good fundraising event for the choir. We hope to get a date and venue booked as soon as possible so we can promote the concert in December! Please, if you have any ideas of what to call this event, where we might hold this event, or what we might sing at this event (any requests?) please pass them on to one of the board members! :)

Our ambitious goal is to record and produce a CHRISTMAS CD! There has been lots of interest in a holiday CD and our concert last year was a huge success so we’re going to make it happen! The repertoire will be a combination of pieces we’ve done before, as well as some new pieces we can also perform at a concert in December. In May and June we will begin working on those pieces.

Within these two months we will have a SIX WEEK break! We all know we want it! We’ll start up practicing again in August.

Prepare for the holiday recording and concert

Record the holiday CD (dates and location TBD)

Continue to prepare for the concert and produce the CD

Now that we’ll have all that music learned, we would also love to fill our calendar with fun performances! Private parties? Malls? We’ll see what we can come up with! More ladies’ luncheons? ;)

Holiday concert/CD release Saturday, December 14th (save the date!)

and FYI: Sunday, December 15th is SGC’s 30th Anniversary Holiday concert!

This is such an exciting week with our East West performance on Saturday and our thoughts already coming together for next year! Please let me know if I’ve missed anything (first week of school, I admit my brain is a little fried) and what ideas you have.

I love singing with all of you!

*Amy and your Ancora Board


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