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TESS: 9/17/12

Hello ladies,

Thank you so much for another successful performance.

It’s not how long you have been doing something that makes you good at what you do, but how present you are.
~ Sidonie Bouchet

And I felt like the choir was completely present in every cell for every note.  

We now have some back work to cover in the next few weeks. By the end of our all-day rehearsal on the 29th, I want us to be caught up with the Mega Map. The all-day rehearsals will be crucial for reviewing music we’ve already covered and keeping it in shape. More on that later. Here’s where we are now:

In the Beginning
Tres Cantos dos Indios Krao
Oy Es Dia de Placer
Great Spirit
Jai Bhavani
Hymn to the Dawn
No Time
Odi, Odi

Panta Rei
Kasar Mie La Gaji
In Dreams
Sehia:rak I, II, III, IV

Haven’t started yet
Past Life Melodies
Ani Ma’amin

For Thursday:

September 20th
Panta Rhei – prep m. 49 through 72, review m. 1 through 48
Hymn to the Dawn – review verse 1
War – review all
Famine – prep m. 1 through 13
Death – prep m. 1 through 10
Past Life – prep page 1

To be caught up by/on September 29th:
Past Life – prep to letter D2, memorize through page 2
Panta Rhei – prep m. 73 through 103, memorize m. 1 through 72
Memorize Kasar/add claps, etc.

Past Life Melody Reminders
Part 1: Lara, Cara
Part 2: Barbara, Ginger
Part 3: Amy, Ashley
Part 4: Jenny, Molly
Part 5: Rachel, Andrea
Part 6: Shelley, Riley
Part 7: Matilda, Didi
Past Life Melodies

Overtone Singing Tutorial

Natascha’s Dao of Overtone Singing

Our narrator, Paul, is in Japan until October 8th.


Milky Way over Mt. Rainier.


Thanks always,


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