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TESS: 9/21/12

Hello Ladies,

For Thursday:

September 27th
Panta Rhei – prep m. 73 through 96, memorize m. 1 through 36 Hymn to the Dawn – review verse 2, memorize verse 1
War – review all, memorize m. 1 through 5
Famine – prep m. 14 through 24, review m. 1 through 13
Death – prep m. 11 through 22, review m. 1 through 10
Past Life – prep letter B to D1

To be caught up by/on September 29th:
Past Life – prep to letter D2, memorize through page 2
Panta Rhei – prep m. 73 through 103, memorize m. 1 through 72
Memorize Kasar/add claps, etc.

Please watch this video about overtone singing and relate her charts/vowels to the instructions in Past Life.
Your progress is greatly determined by your investment in experimentation and playing around.

Natascha’s Dao of Overtone Singing

These are also very useful:
Overtone Singing Tutorial

Stuart Hines

Past Life Melodies

Thanks always,


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