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TESS: 9/30/12

Hello ladies,

Thank you and thank you for such a productive and fulfilling six-hour rehearsal yesterday. It was so powerful to go through the ENTIRE CONCERT with the narrations, to get to hear in the world what I’ve been hearing in my own head for months. You all have made amazing progress and it is wonderful to hear. I hope you are all feeling pretty secure in knowing where we are and what we still have to do. For those who missed yesterday, please check in with one of your choir sisters so you can get caught up.

For Thursday:

October 4th
Panta Rhei – prep m. 104 through 111, memorize m. 73 through 80
(which really means memorize 1 through 80, we covered 1 through 72 from memory on Saturday)
Hymn to the Dawn – review verse 3, memorize verse 2 (make sure you have the phrasing from Saturday)
War – memorize m. 6 through 24, review 1 through 5 from memory
Famine – prep m. 25 through 39, memorize m. 1 through 13
Death – prep m. 23 through 29, memorize m. 1 through 10
Ani Ma’amin – prep main tune m. 14 through 31
(we’ll be using the Ashkenazic pronunciation on the back page)
Past Life – prep D2 to E, memorize C to D (beginning to C was memorized on Saturday)
Kasar – memorize music/claps for pages 10, 11, 12 (ignore circle 8 instruction for feet, just use right hand against leg)

As you can see, that is a crap ton of work. If pitches are prepped well, we can move through everything swiftly. And we’ll need to.

Thanks much,


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