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TESS: 10/14/12

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Hello ladies,

I met with Paul for a couple of hours yesterday – it was really wonderful to hear the narrations in his voice.
Ashley and Matilda are working very hard on production details… – we met at Fremont Abbey on Friday and the acoustics are beautiful.
If you are able to help carry the load of sets/costumes/etc., please, please reach out to those two. We want to spread the work over many people so it’s not carried by just a few. I know everything will come together, and we are also entering the crunch time. Let’s bring it home smoothly.

For Thursday:

October 18th
Panta Rhei – prep m. 120 through 127, memorize 97 through 103
War – memorize all
Famine – memorize m. 25 through 39
Death – prep m. 50 through 63, memorize m. 23 through 29
Ani Ma’amin – review all
Past Life – memorize D2 to E
Kasar – pages 3, 4, 10, 11, 12 – make sure claps and pitches are solid/memorized

Work from last week that needs to be covered/reviewed this week:
Panta Rhei – memorize 1 through 96
Death – prep m. 30 through 49
Hymn to the Dawn – memorize all

Thanks all,


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