a Seattle-based women's chamber choir

About Ancora

“This is not hiding mediocre voices in a large collective. This is is an entire choir of amazingly well trained voices all working together to make sounds impossible to achieve as an individual. It’s a much richer sound than you’re used to hearing with vocals and you’ll be pulled in almost immediately.”



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Mission Statement

Ancora is a nonprofit educational organization composed of women who endeavor to improve and develop their vocal talents and music education, continue their commitment to musical excellence, build friendships and support among singers, perform outstanding choral music through a challenging program of rehearsals and concerts, and enrich the arts community by sharing exquisite music for women’s voices with the public.

Ancora is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization in the state of Washington.

Board of Directors

Anjali Kumar, Co-President
Emily Andrews, Treasurer
Didi Proctor, Librarian
Zoë Ness, Secretary
Jess Nutt
Matilda Lindén
Christine Tezak

Current Singing Members

Brooke Borcherding
Kathryn Brooks
Victoria Champion
Catherine Comings
Jo Cronk
Amanda Dopierala
Laura Garsson
Ginger Griffis
Sarah Horton
Emmalyn King
Cara Kirkpatrick
Matilda Lindén
Zoë Ness
Jess Nutt
Maryann Overland
Didi Proctor
Molly Purkey
Lisa Sparacio
Christine Tezak
Natalie White
Andrea Widdison
Kari Wilkinson
Shelley Withee