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Auditions will be held this July and August at Trinity Lutheran Church in Capitol Hill on a Thursday between 6:00 and 9:00 PM (specific date TBD). Rehearsals start in September!

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Ancora Presents:
Baltic Shores

Join the members of Ancora in January 2019 to explore choral music from the countries around the Baltic Sea. From Copenhagen to Saint Petersburg, from Stockholm to Riga, we will present current contributions to music written expressly for women’s voices.


Saturday, January 26, 2019

Location / Time TBA

“Countries that share a common coastline with the Baltic Sea are as different from each other as the lands and histories that extend behind them in numerous directions. But there are similarities, too, which one detects by traveling across the sea that they share. This identity, partly imaginary and partly real, can only be defined by the word Baltic. It is a loose alliance that comes from having the same kind of trees, the same fish, the same weather, the same white summer nights, and the same berries. In the music of the region, we experience a similar range of likenesses and common influences, partly reinforced by political and cultural initiatives, whether Nordic, Baltic, or Scandinavian in name. But in addition to musical style, there is a choral sound which people identify with the region, and which, like much of the repertoire, has its roots in folk singing.”

–Paul Hillier