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Apocalypse Links 2nd Half

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Quattuor Equites Apocalypsis 

midi files:
1. Victoria (download)

2. Bellum (download) (SLOW: download)
3. Fames (download) (SLOW: download)
4. Mors (download) (SLOW: download)

Ani Ma’amin

‘The text is based on a medieval formulation of the 13 basic tenets of the Jewish creed. Jewish tradition holds that the world will become a better place despite all setbacks. One tradition says that, at the end of days, eschatological utopia will follow a horrible and destructive and evil war. Another view holds that humankind will gradually evolve to an ultimate state of perfection. The first philosophy assumes divine intervention; the second places the burden on humans to repair the world.’


SI – replace ‘mm’ with ‘oo’

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Jai Bhavani

Audio Sample


Jeremiah re: Zaghareet:
From the wikipedia article: Ululation is also widely practiced in southern and eastern parts of India. People, especially women roll their tongues and produce this sound during all Hindu temple rituals, festivals and celebrations. This is also an integral part of most weddings in these parts where, depending upon the local usages, women ululate to welcome the groom or bride or both. In Tamil it is known as kulavai. In Kerala, ululation is essential for all ceremonial occasions and the term used in Malayalam is kurava. Bengalis and Oriyas call it ulu-uli. Assamese call it uruli. 

So this song actually starts with a zaghareet…it’s the first noise. 


Hymn to the Dawn

SII’s – please mark the distance (half step/whole step) between each note in your descending line ‘Wak’ner of the songbirds, Ensign of th’Eternal’

No Time

Odi, Odi

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