a Seattle-based women's chamber choir

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TESS: 10/14/12

Hello ladies,

I met with Paul for a couple of hours yesterday – it was really wonderful to hear the narrations in his voice.
Ashley and Matilda are working very hard on production details… Continue reading



Hi, everyone!

There is so much happening right now as things ramp up and our concert dates get ever closer! Please read to the end of the email to catch the latest updates. I’ve tried to highlight new information… Continue reading

TESS: 9/30/12

Hello ladies,

Thank you and thank you for such a productive and fulfilling six-hour rehearsal yesterday. It was so powerful to go through the ENTIRE CONCERT with the narrations, to get to hear in the world what I’ve been hearing in my own head for months. You all have made amazing progress and it is wonderful to hear. I hope you are all feeling pretty secure in knowing where we are and what we still have to do. Continue reading

TESS: 9/17/12

Hello ladies,

Thank you so much for another successful performance.

It’s not how long you have been doing something that makes you good at what you do, but how present you are.
~ Sidonie Bouchet

And I felt like the choir was completely present in every cell for every note.   Continue reading